The C Family | South Dakota Family Lifestyle Photographer

Let me tell you why lifestyle is my favorite. 
First, your home is the most comfortable place you and your family could be. There is no pressure on what to wear, no stressing about coordinating outfits, making sure the kids are fed and well rested so they don't have meltdowns, there is no loading them in the car and traveling to a location and gathering everyone to make them stay put and get that "perfect" family photo. 
Instead, lifestyle sessions are  simple.  I come to you. I let things unfold naturally. Of course I'll provide a little guidance and I am open to any ideas you may have, but as a whole, the pressure is off. 
I really hone in on your moments together. The tickles, the cuddles, the snacks, the chaos, all of the things that make your family unique.

Secondly, these sessions document the moments that otherwise don't get documented. These sessions really capture the essence of childhood at home, and will truly be a treasure in years to come.

The sweetest moments unfolded so naturally when I was in the home of the Coffee Family. My favorite moment was seeing the three of them making their tea/coffee drinks together! It was truly the cutest thing ever! These moments are given to the parents BUT more importantly their sweet girl will have these images to see how her parents were with her when she was little and the little traditions they have together! How special and beautiful is that, what a GIFT! 

Do you have a tradition you have about your daily life that you want to document? If so, I would be so honored and would love to work with you!