Amie Hansen


Jones & Long Family. Sioux Falls SD Family Photographer. By Amie Hansen Photography


Your story is worth telling, it's part of God's story, and his Spirit dwells within you. Their adventure on the farm, true beauty is truly within a family from the inside, their heart and soul are breathing new life to the Jones Homestead. Their children's memories will be written within the walls and all the ground they will cover while they take their childlike adventures outside.

Their memory of playing with auntie jen in the front yard by the big red barn as they practiced their yoga tricks to having annie chasing the heals of finley or vice versa, these sweet moments are captured because they are just being themselves and allowing me to be behind the camera lens, listening and watching them giggle, to sweet smiles, to the fun little games we would play to truly be comfortable with me documenting.

And to bring a little of that fun we had on a sunkissed evening to life through photos is priceless. Thankful as always to being in the moments with the Jones and Long Family.