Amie Hansen


2018. new beginnings... MOVING | South Dakota Family Lifestyle Photographer

God gives us seasons, and those season usually have "bookends" that help us determine their beginning and end. 2018 year is the beginning of a new season for the Hansen Family and also the business of Amie Hansen. 

We are MOVING! Probably not the news you were expecting to read or hear from me. But this is true, the Hansen family is moving.

Do we have it all figured out? No we don't but we are moving forward and taking the next step. Are we nervous and excited? YES and YES! Our new adventure takes us to the state of Arkansas. Brian has accepted a promotion for his career and we are trusting GOD that his plan is the right plan. 


So how will this affect the business of Amie Hansen? For all my sweet and supportive families I work with year after year I will be BACK visiting Sioux Falls and I will for sure send out an email letting you all know my visiting dates so we can work together when I return. But I also want to let you all know that your family moments are worth documenting and I want to help you seek out a photographer in Sioux Falls when I am not available. 

As I have processed this life changing step for our family each day something that always comes to my mind is this. If it excites me and scares me at the same time, it probably means I should do it. Feel free to email me or text me with any questions you may have! 

Thank you for always being so supportive over the 8 years in the Sioux Falls community and I look forward to many return visits in the future!

My love always,