Amie Hansen

Meet Amie

who is amie and her faith story

Located in Arkansas | South Dakota

Hey there, I'm Amie. Most days you can find me pouring my heart into learning the art form of hot yoga or working at home while enjoying my favorite sweet treat.. dark chocolate m&ms. 

I am a wife and mommy to two sweet boys. I am a storyteller, an encourager and a woman who always wears her heart on her sleeve. I am often referred as a sweet girl, loving, inspiring, real and emotional. I love serving the world by serving and giving back to others.  We only live one life and each day we should make it count. The things I am most passionate about in life is my faith, family life, raising my two boys and documenting the everyday life.

I cherish all of these roles because i love people. Serving others with what i can give them is what i am passionate about. I love becoming friends with my clients and getting to the core of who they are and capturing that beauty. I aim to capture emotive images that tell the stories of the families i photograph, my style is effortless, using beautiful light to capture fleeting moments and details to remember.

The Journey to seeking FAITH: 

I grew up in a beautiful and loving home with all the right surroundings, the right schooling and the right path. Growing up my family did not do the Sunday church going so my knowledge of Jesus was very much surface knowledge.  My views on learning Jesus was to overwhelming so i always placed him behind what i believed was important.

Over the past years God has been calling me to learn and understand what a HEART knowledge of him looks and feels like and what it truly means. What a personal relationship with him means to truly be saved.  To talk to God daily and not just in passing or the same prayers, to really let Jesus in my heart. To give myself to him and live. Give him my security, my plans, my thoughts, my troubles, my pride and my desires.

Now does this come easy to me NO honestly each day is differently and i try to seek out the choices i have for each day, slowing down and let him lead, wait for him to give me his JOY and peace. I still question each day my own walk in faith and HOW it looks each day but HE continues to provide this gift of each day, each moment and is waiting for ME to make it happen and honor him. 

This photography journey is so much more than just a creative outlet while i am raising my boys, i whole heartedly believe that i was given this god given talent for a purpose and each day i strive to live out my purpose with my heart and camera in my hand always. 

Each year as i grow deeper into my photography business i yearn more to find my identity and be more authentic with my business work and personal life. I would love for my business to me more like my ministry. I want to share more about my faith, encourage others, i want to continue to look to Jesus for inspiration, wisdom, creativity, and anything I need to make this business a success. I want my two boys to witness their mom pursue a dream and serving Jesus within my work and life.